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My Career-Related Work

Currently, I maintain a part-time private practice and full-time job as Vice President of Career Services at Stevenson University.  There, I lead a team to ensure all SU students have the opportunity to connect to careers that match their goals. Prior to Stevenson, I supported liberal arts students at American University, helping them to recognize their skills and find work that met their aspirations. Outside of higher education, my career counseling journey has led me to coach adults in transition through the Montgomery County Government, JSSA, and federal outplacement agencies—including work with the NIH, NASA, and the IRS.

I support career professionals across the nation. I facilitate coaching education for the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). I have been a presenter at the NACE annual conference. From 2015-2016, I served as President of the Maryland Career Development Association.

My Career Services

Whether you are seeking to design a new career path, or better navigate the path you've chosen, I can help. As your coach, I will be your guide as you explore:

  • Your career and life interests

  • How to design your future

  • Creating and excecuting a successful job search strategy (resumes, LinkedIn, etc).

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